Downloading KOrinoco

The current version of KOrinoco is 0.2.1. Further development will be the porting to KDE3/Qt3 and making the application ready for prime-time: Relase 1.0.0 lies ahead. See the announcement of version 0.2.1 on SourceForge for details.

There are several ways to download KOrinoco.

  1. RPMs

    are built as soon as possible after a source release. Please be aware that it might take a while until a RPM for your platform is out. You can download the RPMs on Sourceforge.

  2. tarballs

    are available at Sourceforge as well. Whenever a new KOrinoco is released, the first thing to come will be the tarballs.

  3. Debian

    users can apt-get KOrinoco automatically. It still seems unbelievable for me, but Debian actually let KOrinoco get into the "testing" tree for the upcoming Debian 3.0 release. The package page for KOrinoco is on the Debian website

  4. CVS

    access is possible via the pserver protocol for anonymous users (read-only). The server name is; for detailed information on how to get pserver access visit SourceForge. A web interface for the CVS repository is available as well.

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