KOrinoco - the wireless LAN client manager for KDE2

With the application KOrinoco you can configure and monitor your wireless LAN PC-Cards under Linux/KDE. The application is designed for KDE2 only, several features will not work under KDE3. For a KDE3 application, check the KWiFiManager project page.
The name is a little confusing: it does not only work for the Lucent Orinoco card, but supports every wireless LAN card that uses a driver supporting the wireless extensions. You may want to have a look in the "supported cards" section: if your card works, but is not mentioned there, just e-mail me so I can update the list.

KOrinoco has recently crossed the border of 10.000 downloads. I thank all KOrinoco users for putting their trust into my application. It was my first application that made it to the public, but it will not be the last one. My successor project, KWiFiManager is currently being prepared for inclusion into kdenonbeta and will hopefully some day make the jump into the official kdenetwork distribution.

All important information about the application should be here on the homepage. If you miss something, please contact me (you can find my email address by clicking Help->About in KOrinoco) and I will try to provide that piece of information.

NOTE: The newest version is korinoco-0.2.1-2! Build #2 contains a fix for ad-hoc mode to prevent a crash with signal 8 (SIGFPE).

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A great thanks goes to Jean Tourrillhes (was that spelled right?), the creator of the wireless tools on which KOrinoco is based. Another big thanks goes to Douglas J. Nordwall from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, USA. He is packaging my code and works hard to make binary RPMs out of my mess :-)

apps.kde.com is so nice to propagate new versions of KOrinoco on the various KDE web sites.

They even feature a nice "thumbs-up or down" rating; feel free to rate the app there.

The project itself is hosted at SourceForge. For SourceForge, "hosting" includes mailing lists, CVS, web space, bug tracking systems and much more. I am very grateful that they give away their services for free.

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